Pion Design Staff

My name is Jenny Erickson and I am the founder and creative director of Pion Design. I live with my family outside of Luleå in the north of Sweden. In the summer of 2009 the idea of opening my own scrapbooking store was born. The finalizing decision was made when the peonies in our garden were in full bloom, thus the company name Pion Design (Pion being Swedish for Peony).

I am both excited and very proud that Pion Design has become such an appreciated brand and that our passion for paper crafting has made us into a successful company. We are now designing several paper collections each year, that we print and sell to retailers worldwide, and I feel so privileged having been given the opportunity to collaborate with such a variety of inspiring and talented people.

Email: jenny[at]piondesign.se


My name is Anna Johansson and I handle marketing and customer relations at Pion Design. I live with my family outside of Luleå, and our weekends and holidays are often spent in our summer house by the sea. Although I have never been into paper crafting, working for Pion Design has opened up a whole new world to me. Since I love reading, writing and photography, and have a weakness for patterns and colors, I must say that I feel quite privileged having the opportunity to surround myself with these elements on an everyday basis.

I enjoy to be working with a brand like Pion Design that has the ability to never follow any trends, but that is still being able to appeal to such a wide range of people all over the world just by being timeless!

Email: anna[at]piondesign.se


My name is Johanna Phillips Huuva. I am a graphic designer for Pion Design and I also work as Pion Design’s sales representative in North America. I live in Lake Zurich, Illinois, just north of Chicago with my family, but I am originally from Luleå, Sweden. I was introduced to the scrapbooking world through Jenny and Pion Design. Even though I only have limited experience with scrapbooking and paper crafts, I have many ideas for projects where I can incorporate the beautiful Pion papers.

I am inspired and very exited to work with Pion Design and the creative talent it has.

Phone: 847-892-1209
Email: johanna[at]piondesign.se