Wintertime in Swedish Lapland

Imagine a cold midwinter night. The landscape seems all tucked in beneath a deep layer of powdery snow. The silence is breathtaking and the darkness overwhelming. There are no clouds in the deep blue starlit sky and the city lights are miles away.

This is Swedish Lapland, a magical place to spend the winter and Christmas holidays. Here you can sense winter and Christmas in every breath, and it will not come as a surprise if you catch a glimpse of Santa or his deer. For those who endure the cold dark nights nature promises a valuable reward; a display of its spectacular phenomena the northern lights.

To celebrate the natural magic of northern Sweden, Pion Design is releasing the paper collection Wintertime in Swedish Lapland. This subtle and classic collection, with our traditional vintage touch, is destined to bring you into that priceless Christmas spirit. Wintertime in Swedish Lapland offers you all those elements that are significant for the joy and warmth of the season; sleigh rides in the crisp snow, santas skiing through the silent landscape, wooden cabins and sweet winter birds. The versatility of this collection enables you to capture and preserve the feeling of all those precious winter and Christmas memories.

Wintertime in Swedish Lapland consists of 12 double sided papers in the size 12×12”, as well as 6 single sided papers with 6×6″ designs.