Siri’s Kitchen

PD5300 - 750x750

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and Pion Design is now welcoming you to step into Siri’s Kitchen. With a scent of homemade jam and freshly baked cookies this is a place of warmth and togetherness destined to make you feel at home.

Siri’s Kitchen is a paper collection inspired by all the things you will find in a kitchen of old times; shelves stacked with delicate porcelain, monogrammed kitchen towels, ripe berries and useful labels. So let’s gather at the table and start documenting those priceless joyful moments!

Siri’s Kitchen consists of 12 double sided papers in the size 12×12″ as well as 6 single sided papers in 12×12″ with 4 designs in 6×6″. The collection is also available within the collection Memory Notes, for fast and easy journaling in an instant.


PD5400 - 750x750


PD4800-6 - 750x750

Memory Notes is intended to make memory keeping easier.  The 12″ sheets are single-sided and contains both familiar and new designs in the different sizes 4×4″, 4×6″ and 3×4″ for increased versatility.